For any organization, Client, or customer location data is very important to reach out to them for growing business worldwide. Also some departments like marketing, sales depend on customer’s location. In this blog, we are going to see how we get the exact location by passing latitude and longitude to maps API.

Displaying a list of your data in the UI is a common feature in almost every app. You could use the Row widget to arrange the list of items horizontally or columns to arrange items vertically. But when these items grow larger than the widget they are contained in, you get the dreaded overflow warning sign on your UI.

To follow proper file structure is very much needed whether it is a small or big project. In this blog, We will be covering how we can maintain file structure by doing small changes.

In this article, we’ll be creating a BottomNavigationBar that switches between different tabs. The BottomNavigationBar is provided by Flutter that is widely used in many mobile apps. BottomNavigationBar is used for creating a bottom navigation bar in mobile apps and to help navigate between different app pages or screens.

The example application will be simple, it consists of 3 screens Home, Favorite, and Settings screen.

Nowadays there is very much hype of flutter in the IT department, especially in the mobile application development sector. Lots of IT companies are shifting from native to flutter, because of flutter’s best performance in both android and ios.

Any programming language needs to improve code quality, readability, maintainability, and robustness so in the future when we have to work on that app we can easily find specific code.

Let’s see some best practices for designing and developing the flutter app.

Give names of variables, constants, parameters, and named parameters in lowerCamelCase.

(1)Don’t initialize variables null

In Dart, any variables are automatically initialized null when their values are not specified.

(2)Naming convention:

Give the name of any Class, extension, enums in UpperCamelCase.

(3)Packages, Libraries, source files should be in snake_case.

(4)Use relative imports for files…

On March 3, Flutter Committed took place, an event organized by Google to celebrate the arrival of the new version of Flutter, a cross-platform framework responsible for over 150k iOS and Android apps, a number of which with more than 150M+ users.

Want to know what Flutter 2.0 is about? Perhaps you would like to recap on the Flutter Engage otherwise you have missed a number of the opening sessions? In this article, we will explain why version 2.0 has been announced, what breaking changes it brings and how they affect your current apps and future projects.

Flutter is an open-source UI framework. It was introduced by Google in 2017. Flutter uses Dart Language to develop mobile applications. Using Flutter we can develop cross-platform mobile applications from a single codebase.

(1)Why you should work with Flutter?

There are many reasons to work with flutter. there are many tech companies like Google, eBay, Alibaba that are using Flutter for their mobile Application. Let’s look at what and how to learn flutter.

(2)Flutter is Open-source and Free to Use

Flutter is Open-source and Free to Use that’s why it’s interesting to learn from documentation by the developers in the…

We know that you have already completed your setup of the flutter development environment with your favorite IDE(Android Studio or VSCode).

The main goal of this blog is to make you understand usage and how “Navigation Drawer” is properly implemented from scratch.


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